Financial Aid Resources

Navigating the financial aspects of attending an educational institution, getting a certification or funding your research can be murky waters to tread. We hope some of the resources provided in this section of the site help you to clarify your understanding. 

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The FAFSA or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a federal form that students must fill out if they wish to receive financial aid from any publicly funded institution.

Financial Aid Packages

Each educational institution you apply for and are accepted to will generate a fincanical aid package for you. This will include grants you qualify for, scholarship they are offering you as well as student loans. What does this mean for you and how do you interpret these packages?


Did you know that all GEAR UP students qualify for certain scholarships? Did you know all Michigan residents do too? We didn't either! We hope this list of scholarships, how to apply to them and what types of expenses they cover will help you achieve your educational goals.

Understanding Costs

It can be difficult to understand how much education will cost. Room and board? Tuition and fees? What do these terms mean and how mcuh will you pay? These resources will help you figure these out for all of the institutions you are considering.


Understanding grants, what you need to do to qualify or apply can be tricky to navigate. Use these resources to help you on your way.


We hear a lot about student debt in the media but what does it actually mean for you? How do you know if taking a loan is right for you?

Upcoming Workshops

We are happy to announce that we are doing a series of information sessions at local schools and community organizations. If you are interested in attending a financial aid information session please reach out to us at to learn about a session near you.

Upcoming Community Session

Financial Aid Roundtable, May 3rd, 2023 at 6:30 PM in Hirvonen Hall

Michigan Tech GEAR UP is excited to partner with Keweenaw CAPE and our financial aid department to host a financial aid roundtable for our Upper Peninsula students and families.

Please RSVP today!