Summer Opportunities

Making the most of your summer

Summer is a great time to explore and experience things we may not have the time to during the school year. This page will help you explore the many opportunities there are for local students to invest in themselves over our beautiful northern summers. From camps too summer jobs there is something for everyone.


2023 GEAR UP Scholarship to Michigan Tech's Summer Youth Programs has now ended! This full ride scholarship to attend select SYP courses covered the full cost of attendance for local students! To learn more about Summer Youth Programs courses and eligibility requirements visit and explore the course catalog. 

The Summer of 2024 Application will be made available in January of 2024.

Michigan Tech's Summer Youth Programs

From flying a plane to building a robot Michigan Tech's summer youth programs provides explorations in STEM, Humanities and Leadership. Explore abundant scholarship options to make this exceptional experience a part of your future resume.

CAPE Summer Programs

Need to learn to drive? Want to participate in a D&D campaign? Interested in learning to utilize a maker space for your creativity? Interested in summer community sports? 

Explore CAPE!

Summer Athletic Programs

From Michigan Tech to CAPE and many other community sources there are many athletic programs in the Keweenaw and Upper Peninsula.

Summer Jobs

From camp counselors, to manning ice cream booths, to helping with seasonal recreation there are many jobs that hire teens and youths for the summer. For help finding jobs feel free to contact us at for assistance with job searches.

Summer Internships & Job Shadowing

Want to explore what it would be like to work in the industry of your dreams? Many local, state and federal organizations host youth internships. For more information contact

Volunteerism & Community Engagement

There are many ways to gain skills and resume items and volunteering is one of them. From soup kitchens to helping with the needs of the elderly volunteers are in high demand.

College Visits

Summer is a great time to travel with friends and family. If you are traveling already, why not throw in a visit to a college near your vacation spot? 

Have a specific college you want to see? Make it a trip! 

Or if you can't make the trip many colleges offer virtual tour options to explore campus from remote locations.